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Thread: Woah...well over 400 posts in my first week back!

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    Woah...well over 400 posts in my first week back!

    No wonder why I haven't gotten anything done at work. I'm pretty sure when you do something so much that it affects your work that it's a good sign it's an addiction. That and when it controls you instead of you controlling it. I know every day I jump on here to see what's up when I know I should being doing many other more important things.

    So...I'm going to attempt a temporary break cold turkey and see what happens. I'm only saying this so you all know I'm not ducking out on any unfinished debates/arguments/discussions. That and so RP doesn't think I'm ignoring his stalkerish hourly PM's...

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    You know where we are, CB! Hurry back!

    (Can we get Big Red Max to change the url? Anyone?)

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    Quality over quantity...

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    Are they gonna reinstate you post count from that dreaded evil site that will remain nameless.

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