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Thread: The Real Dream Team

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    The Real Dream Team

    I saw this on ESPN, & wondered what you all would think. Who would win, 1992 or 2012?
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    I don't even think its close....Not to mention, everyone of the players on that team, aside from Mullin and Laettner were named the the 50 Greatest Players in History....

    I dont know that anyone outside James, Bryant, and Durant even make that 1992 team....

    At guard you had Stockton, Magic, Drexler and Jordan vs. Westbrook, Williams, Bryant, Harden and Paul - Jordan and Magic, arguably 2 of the best of all time period, plus maybe the best pure point guard of all time (imo) in Stockton, give a big advantage

    At forward you had Bird, Malone, Barkley, Pippen, Mullin and Laettner vs. Durant, James, Iguodala, Love, Griffin and Anthony - Durant and James, help make this matchup closer, but Pippen might be one of the best defenders to ever play the game, and Malone, Bird and Barkley were just too dang good...

    At center you have Robinson and Ewing vs. Chandler - This one isn't even close lol.....

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    No contest. Magic Johnson tweeted today that the will to win and being smarter players would make it an easy 1992 team win.

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    it is an easy question to answer, 92 would. they knew how to play defense! not like the guys today. defense, what defense, we dont need no stinkin defense
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