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Thread: Nebraska recruiting WR Torii Hunter Jr. the hardest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Reign View Post
    Still wants to play both football and baseball....will also be visiting Utah, Arizona and Arizona State...

    I'll say it again I'm not big on two sport recruits....for allot of obvious reasons....
    And then there is always the Baseball Draft that can creep in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprint23r View Post
    We were going to let a QB do it last year...personally I would prefer a wide receiver splitting time as opposed to a QB.
    And that probably wouldn't have gone well for Starling. I simply don't think you can give up spring ball and summer 7 on 7's, etc. and make an impact...especially a QB but I think it's going to have a negative effect on any player (except, of course, punters as mentioned before). Doesn't help them in baseball either missing fall ball

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    At the end of the day this kids stock is rising, and with a larger class for once, I would take him in a heartbeat. And I have a feeling the coaching staff feels the same way. There is a reason they offered the kid and that he is near or at the top of the list for his position accordingly for our recruiting.
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