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Thread: Blue Ribbon Preview: UCLA

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    Exclamation Blue Ribbon Preview: UCLA

    FYI.....highly touted RS Frosh Brett Hundley is expected to be the QB this of the Top 10 commits from the 2011 class....

    Like S. Mississippi with a new coach, new offense and new QB it will be asking alot of them to beat Nebraska in Pasedena...a tall order indeed....

    The Bruins are going to abandon the Pistol formation that characterized their last two seasons under Neuheisel and go to more of a spread hybrid that makes use of multiple-wideout sets but can also pound the ball on the ground some. UCLA is switching to a 3-4 defense, and Mora is cheered by the fact that he has some athletes on the outside capable of playing in space while still getting to the passer.

    After one spring with the team, a few things were pretty clear to Mora. First, the Bruins have some talent and some answers. Second, the journey to the top will be long and filled with hurdles.

    "We're getting there, but we're not close to where we need to be," Mora said. "The team responded favorably, but it needs to build consistency and get to the point where it's not always the coaches pulling it out of them. It has to be innate. We'll get there."

    Mora inherits a team that should be able to play some defense. And, if he can settle on a quarterback capable of running the team and get the line in, well, line, the offense should percolate a bit.

    "I like this football team," he said. "I like its willingness to work and its willingness to conform to what we want to do here. We're not satisfied, though. We've got a ton of work to do. We're not even close."

    Lots more here:
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    The last four sentences sound so much like what NU has gone through the last 4 years. Maybe it will be NU's time to get over the hump this season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwinghusker View Post
    The last four sentences sound so much like what NU has gone through the last 4 years. Maybe it will be NU's time to get over the hump this season.
    True. Let's just hope we get there at least a week before UCLA does

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