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Thread: IFAB to give goal-line technology green light

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    Thumbs up IFAB to give goal-line technology green light

    I sure hope Platini is not the next head of FIFA...almost a Blatter clone if you have followed his post playing career....

    The news agency said that two systems – Hawk-Eye and GoalRef – have passed exhaustive scientific tests to the satisfaction of the IFAB. The Hawk-Eye system is based on cameras and GoalRef uses magnetic fields. The IFAB will reportedly stress that the systems will be approved as an aid to referees, rather than the ultimate decision-maker.

    The approval will come as a major setback to UEFA president Michel Platini, who has been tipped to succeed FIFA president Sepp Blatter when the incumbent’s term finishes. Blatter reiterated his support for goal-line technology in the wake of the latest controversial incident that saw Ukraine denied a goal against England at Euro 2012. However, Platini expressed his opposition to the technology earlier this week by saying such a move would be a “historical mistake”.
    Read it all here:
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    This is funny stuff. Rugby has a "TMO - Television Match Official" that is consulted whenever the main official cannot definitively state he saw the try scored. Of course, in rugby the clock stops, instead of additional time added as well. As much as I dislike using wikipedia, they have a pretty good explanation of the TMO:

    Television match official Often referred to as "TMO" or "Video referee", a television match official may be appointed to assist the referee in determining whether points have been scored. A television match official can only rule on exactly what the referee asks them (and in most unions they can only be asked about events in-goal or immediately before entering in-goal). Television match officials are commonly used in first class and international televised games.

    In lower level games, where no TMO has been appointed, the referee cannot use video equipment in supporting any decision. (Local or junior matches are often recorded by coaches or parents, these videos cannot be used by the referee in supporting a decision due to the possibility of bias. Such videos may though be acceptable as evidence in any post-match discipline hearing.)
    There is more good reading here about changes coming for the laws of rugby, including the TMO.
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    I'm in support of the Hawkeye (it's been proven successful in tennis-and I like it) and doesn't hurt to have additional help on goal questions. I'm a referee myself, over 8 years and counting...

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