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Thread: sadler to KU

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    He will probably make more than 150k per year, just based on his experiences and the overall knowledge he can bring to the table, at least I would hope he would make more than that, Im pretty sure thats about what our asst a.d. makes the kansas bb program makes enuf to pay him that.
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    Director of basketball ops is not a high paying job but I know Barry Hinson who was let go at SMS had this job last year and parlayed it into another head coaching job at SIU. My guess is since this is not a "coaching" job per se that Nebraska will still have to pay Doc (as others have stated in this thread).

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    sadler to KU

    I guess when Self said he thought doc was a smart guy, he wasn't just pumping sunshine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huskerwirejay View Post
    I guess when Self said he thought doc was a smart guy, he wasn't just pumping sunshine.

    And the fact that he get's Doc Cheap while we still pay most of his bill.
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