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I don't see this as much as a hindsight exercise as a warning. Similar failed policies will continue under a Mitt Romney Presidency and it will further sink our country. And yes, our current malaise continues to be George W Bush's fault. Period.
Amazing. I had no idea that a single man could do so much damage, even 3 1/2 years after leaving office. The question is, did he do it all on purpose? Is he an evil mastermind behind the scenes while publicly playing the simpleton doofus?

Creating the narrative that everything is Bush's fault is convenient. If things eventually improve (which they will, no matter who is in office), Obama will be hailed as the savior. Until that time, keep blaming Bush. Blaming others is what liberals tend to be best at. It's someone else's fault I'm poor, it's someone else's fault I did poorly in school, it's someone else's fault I can't get a job... it's always someone else's fault. Liberals seem to hate looking in the mirror when it comes to solving problems.