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Thread: World Cup Qualifiers thread

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    World Cup Qualifiers thread

    Today marks the next major round of World Cup Qualifiers from around the world.

    Results today:

    Egypt (Bob Bradley coaching) beats Mozambique, 2-0
    Ghana beats Lesotho, 7-0

    Tahiti beats Samoa, 10-1
    New Caledonia beats Vanuatu, 5-2


    South American has four matches, including two matches among the top 4 teams in the current round robin standings
    Africa has 15 matches
    Asia has 4 matches (an interesting group of ten teams remain, competing for four WC spots)

    Oceania has 10 matches over the next 5 days

    Concacaf (with US playing) starts next Friday

    Wikipedia has a good summary page as a starting point.

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    Bradley is now 11-1-2 since taking over the Egypt National Team....and you would have to say they are the favorites to not only qualify for the WC but also win their region....will be interesting if we face them in the WC....
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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