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Thread: Top 10 Unpleasant Surprises About Enlisting In The Marines

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    Top 10 Unpleasant Surprises About Enlisting In The Marines

    10. You Learn To Crash Diet Like A Runway Super Diva
    9. You Do So Much Paperwork, The I.R.S. Grimaces
    8. You Become A Medical Experiment
    7. You Actually Signed Up For More Than Four Years
    6. More Time Is Spent Pushing A Mop Bucket Than Pulling A Trigger
    5. Working Out And Being Fit Is NOT A Marine Corps Priority
    4. Marines Play A Huge Amount Of Video Games
    3. The Marines Have Their Own Completely Unintelligible Language
    2. Nothing Ever Works Properly. Ever.
    1. Marines Age In Dog Years

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    semper fi.

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    #11 You have to sleep in tents and guard the hotels the Air Force stays in

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