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Thread: GOP dodges vote on civil unions in Colorado

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChitownHusker View Post
    Hickenlooper? That's really his name? How can you get elected with a name like Hickenlooper?
    Hick is awesome. Was the mayor of Denver for many years, one election the Republicans didn't even bother to run a candidate against him since his approval rating was 93%. Then he got elected as Governor in 2010 when by all rights a Republican should have been able to waltz in and take any office in the land. His first mayoral campaign ad showed him sitting at the bar he co-owned, drinking a beer. He's a very pro-business, socially progressive guy and I hope he makes his way to the national stage at some point. You'd like him!

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    So, they pulled the Haggarty Gambit. Hmmmmmmmmm.........
    "Yeah, saw that only Larry, Moe, and Curly had chimed-in before the thread was locked. C'est la vie when the cumulative IQ of those 3 shxxxeads is something less than 200, with Squatch nailing down 3rd place. Almost not worth the keystroke time expended reporting those twits, however..."

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    Colorado might be the starting gates for another possible POTUS...kudos! Rocky Mountain High! Indeed!

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    well any company that wants to leave a state..Texas will take you and the people you bring with you and call it job creation rather than job displacement. Then the state will pay your corporate taxes for ya for the first 5-10-15 years while you adjust to the new environment and settle in. Oh now you want to expand and bring in a California branch of your corporation as well...well shoot y'all we are some damn good ole boys down here...we will just have to extend your tax break another 10 years. Could we at least use a Texas based moving firm to move y'all? it sure would help us because billy bobs trucking has put in the lowest bid and said it would help them create 2 new dang!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChitownHusker View Post
    The use of parliamentary procedures and other shenanigans (like sneaking out of the state to prevent the legislature from having a quorum) seems increasingly common these days. With rare exception, I don't think it is right for a party to use these means to thwart legislation that would pass but for this kind of conduct.
    I just hope that they resolve this issue. I'd hate to see the pubs tuck tail and flee the state to stall/prevent a vote. That is a parliamentary procedure reserved for the cowardly (i.e. dems).

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