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Thread: excellent read from Kerr about 1 and done issue

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    excellent read from Kerr about 1 and done issue
    There are valid reasons for any of the above courses, but I believe the NBA would best be served by raising its age requirement to 20 years old. Fans and critics have assorted opinions about morals, ethics, education, fairness, and law, but to me, this really comes down to a single issue: Would the NBA's business be stronger by raising the age requirement? I say yes for the following six reasons.
    more at linky.

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    interesting how no one cares.

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    1 & done is ruining CBB.
    "Every Wednesday it's like, ‘Holy moly, this is the Super Bowl.’" Mike Cavanaugh on the media attention the NU O-line coach receives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huskers57 View Post
    interesting how no one cares.

    It's not changing until the NBA and the players assoc. change it...and thats not happening.

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