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Thread: rivera done.

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    rivera done.

    should have just hung it up last year...

    That's the problem with players...they don't know when to let go. Now Rivera busted his ACL...done for the year and probably for his career.

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    By this I mean Rivera has accomplished everything a closer at his position could have done, he is the standard of the position. I really didn't see any other reason to come back for another season because he has accomplished everything there is to accomplish as a closer.

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    It was a fluke accident, and probably not the way he wanted to end his farewell tour if indeed this was going to be his last year.

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    THis could just as easily have happend last year. If it was last year should he then have stepped down the year before? He was doing what he seemed to love, was still more than good at it, and had the support of his team. There is no reason I see that he should have stepped aside.

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    Yep. Fluke. Could happen to any player -- regardless of age. If Mariano had thrown out his pitching arm, that would be another story. But he was totally justified in returning -- he was still -- after all these years -- one of the best relievers in baseball. Regardless, he's a first ballot hall of famer if there ever was one.

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    bummer it had to end this way, if anyone deserved to have a farewell tour season and have a chance to soak it all in for one last time, it was Mo

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    Why is there anything wrong with him playing because he loves to pitch? (and he's still good at it.......)
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