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Thread: Van Horn's catcher makes a total fool of himself

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    Van Horn's catcher makes a total fool of himself

    This guy is a complete tool...

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    unsporting like...good call to be ejected.

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    He should be suspended, period! If that bat had slipped, it could have hit the ump. It may not have hurt the ump, but it would be grounds for assault, these days!

    As for the fake job, you bet it was! He was so embarrassed, he took it out on someone else...the ump. The kid has a lot of growing up to do, that's for sure! Looks to me, mommy and daddy gave him
    everything he wanted.

    In retrospect, what would Darin do? Hard to say! I don't think he would throw any of his players under the bus, whether they deserved it or not. In privacy, I would love to be the fly on the wall.

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    Stay classy Arkansas! I love seeing them in the news so much lately!!!!!
    I would give my life for anyone one of them as i would my own family. -Pops

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    Van horn is still a hell of a coach.

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    Van horn is still a hell of a coach.
    Agree. Say what you want about DVH, the dude is a winner
    "When it comes to recruiting, it doesn't matter who you get, it matters if you get who you want" -- Tom Osborne

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