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I think we're probably not as far off as you might think. The exemption of religious organizations seems like an obvious point to me, but I understand the hesitation with small family businesses. It just seems that, for instance, a small mom and pop operation offers a unique situation, in that owners personal lives are often completely commingled with their business. So, forcing accommodation in this case would be forcing one to personally accommodate a behavior they might find in direct contradiction with their faith.
That's a situation where an accomodation makes complete sense (to me at least), but would just be difficult to figure out how to effectively legislate.
I agree. Besides, the pull from the hard left would be that's it's still allowing "hate" and the hard right would seek to keep expanding it. So instead, we'll have one side " winning" and one side "losing" and the polarization continues. It's so frustrating to literally see it happening, but no way to change it.