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Thread: OWH-Michael O'Connor: Ex-Huskers found love after leap of faith

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    OWH-Michael O'Connor: Ex-Huskers found love after leap of faith

    Nice article, keeping up with a couple of our former Huskers!

    He stepped into the Husker training room after football practice on a fall day his senior year and spotted her, a former Husker volleyball player, back for physical therapy.

    That was nearly two years ago.

    This month the pair former NU running back Roy Helu Jr. and former volleyball player Dani Mancuso are getting married in a union of Husker standouts that probably makes fans wish they could dial up the ceremony on the Big Ten Network.

    But there won't be any coverage, and Tom Osborne won't be officiating.
    Article continues in link. Very good read!
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    Yes, I enjoyed reading the article. She was a good player as was Roy. Miss both of them.

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    I'm a sucker for this kind of story. So happy for those two great kids.
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    can you imagine how athletic those kids will be

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