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Thread: Cool pic of Memorial and Pinnacle Bank Arena

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Impaler View Post
    LOL, I assume you're joking. Although I do know it's pretty sleepy out there on the Oregon Coast. But just in case you aren't joking. Pinnacle Bank bought the naming rights for the new city arena where UNL mens and womens hoops will play.
    Thanks, Impaler. As usual, the most important piece of info was missing. This being the football board must have had me confused. Basketball??? Yuck. I will definately go back to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Impaler View Post
    Progression at it's finest!!!!!!

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    Why is it abbreviated PNB when it's named for Pinnacle Bank?

    Shouldn't it be PB or PBA?

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    Nice article located here about the accompanying develpment around the arena. This is gonna be really nice IMO.

    The 16,000-seat Pinnacle Bank Arena anchors the West Haymarket development with its Husker men’s and women’s basketball games and world-class performers. You already knew that.But project partners say the area just south of the arena will offer Lincoln’s (and perhaps the Midwest’s) new night out, with an outdoor plaza, shops, restaurants, a hotel and residences.
    The U-shaped Yard will host a variety of trendsetting shopping boutiques and upscale dining experiences, says WRK Real Estate, the Lincoln company which is currently leasing space in the new entertainment district. The development will host tailgating, movies, festivals and food by Nebraska businesses.

    Developers say the centerpiece of the 80-by-160-foot development will be a sort of public plaza surrounded on three sides by retail and restaurants, including an indoor market. WRK representatives told the Lincoln Journal Star that the plaza will contain a large digital display canvas called The Cube (still in the design stage) and a proposed 50-by-100-foot ice skating rink that will be free for the public.
    And a couple of renderings.



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