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Thread: Austins Newest bar

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    Austins Newest bar

    Called the Brew exchange.
    It is run like the stock market. They have a electronic ticker tape running around the bar with the beer prices on them. The more beer of one kind that is selling, the price goes up. If they have a beer that is not selling the price goes down and it adjusts as each beer is sold. Its fun and really different.

    "Now back to the whole NYSE description; this new bar will have 72 beers (from around the world) on tap with the price of the rotating taps fluctuating based on supply and demand. Tell me that isnít a brilliant idea! If youíre a beer snob (like moi), be prepared to shell out some cash on those extra hoppy IPAs."


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    I like it.

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    That is a very cool idea for a bar.
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    I don't drink my good friend as you know however, that sounds really cool...
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    Pops, that DOES sound pretty neat - may have to put that on the list to try out on a trip down that way soon.

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    Extra cool Pops. you get cold beer and capitalism under one roof. are you sure this is not called Mitt's Place?

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    That's a pretty cool concept.

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    Austins Newest bar

    Guinness will be on sale often. Works for me.

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    Cool! Are IPAs popular down there? AND... can you get Shiner Bock on tap?

    Up here, there are a few bars that try to have something other than swill on tap and I try to get to those. Once people realize Budweiser, Busch, Coors, and Miller are just yellow water, the better off the world will be.

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