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Had time to watch the ad. Not as bad as I was expecting.

Given that there are Republicans comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter, I'd say it's a smart campaign move.

It pretty much just uses Romney's own words against him, which will continue to be a problem for Romney as the election moves along. His pandering to the far right will provide plenty of sound bites, and deservedly so.

Who is Mitt Romney and what would he do? Not real trustworthy at this point.
Just like the sound bytes from Obama's pandering to the left and right... That said our current president did say we shouldn't spike the ball and here he does it for his own political gain while trying to insinuate that his opponent wouldn't do that. It is odd when the majority of the poeple in this thread are focusing on the military personel fortitude and bravery, do you think they did that for his political gain?