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Thread: What's the hold up?

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    What's the hold up?

    On getting our last Asst coach hired?

    anybody hear something? Or did it happen while I was out in my cornfield?
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    Maybe he's still looking. I hope he hires the guy he wants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skunkman1 View Post
    On getting our last Asst coach hired?

    anybody hear something? Or did it happen while I was out in my cornfield?
    He's looking to hire a 4'2" tall coach to drive you mad over your obsession with 7 footers.

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    Miles might be looking for a way to work in Strickland as a GA while getting another coach...there's just a thousand possiblities of what Miles is trying to work out with regards to his staff.

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    I do know that Erick has stuck around the Omaha/Lincoln area since his interview, even after his Omaha Hall of Fame induction. FWIW.

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    I read in the LJS or OWH...I'll have to go find the link if needed (I'm pretty sure it was an article by Sipple) that stated that a coach can have 3 full time assistants (on road recruiters) and as many directors of _________ (fill in the blank) as he/she desires. Me thinks that Strickland will fall into that director of _________ category. They've interviewed doesn't do that unless they're really serious and wants someone to come onboard-otherwise it's a waste of all parties involved's time/energy.

    My bad. it was Rosenthal.

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    He's officially hired a couple from his old staff today.

    Craig Smith and Gregory Eaton. Rosenthal's blog below.
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    So who is the third coach.....not the video guy....right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjw11 View Post
    So who is the third coach.....not the video guy....right?
    According to you have Ronald Coleman, Ben Johnson, Jayden Olson, Craig Smith, and Gregory Eaton all with the title of "First Season"

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