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Thread: BTN Programming Alert for tonight

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    BTN Programming Alert for tonight

    I will be out this evening but pumped to be able to DVR the game. I have the DVR set to Record from 6:30 to Midnight.

    5 1/2 hours of Nebraska programing on BTN tonight...

    6:30 - NU/PU Baseball
    9:30 - NU Spring Football Special
    10:00 - NU/OSU Football Replay

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    thanks iggy..

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    tuned in just as TM scored to make it 27 -13 OSU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CombatTargeteer View Post
    tuned in just as TM scored to make it 27 -13 OSU.
    Hope we can make it close.

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    I turned it on about 2 playes before Lavonte ripped the ball from Braxton Miller, starting the biggest comeback in NU history. Burkhead was an animal in that game!!!

    But got me thinking... Miller was only a freshman last year and we all know what happened in that first quarter vs DoNU....and we go to their place next year
    "Winning isn't everything in Nebraska Football, but we rate it right up there with oxygen."

    Bob Devaney

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