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Thread: NU v. Ohio St. Baseball Game Thread - Game #3

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    Unless something weird happens, the Big 10 standings should look like this after today. That Northwestern series was a killer for us. Two of their three conference wins are against us.

    Purdue 10-2
    Minnesota 6-3
    Nebraska 7-5
    Ohio St. 6-6
    Indiana 6-6
    Michigan St. 5-4
    Iowa 4-5
    Penn St. 4-5
    Michigan 4-5
    Illinois 3-6
    Northwestern 3-9
    I really hate Penn State! (And I'm not that wild about Iowa either.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThotDoc View Post
    Unfortunately, to have a shot at winning the conference, we may need to sweep Purdue.
    ...pretty sure we'll get into the B1G Tourney and that gives us a shot.
    “It’s fun to watch Nebraska be Nebraska again,” Jermiah Sirles said. “They played their hearts out. Back on the right track, baby. Let’s go.”

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    Way to go HUSKERS, congratulations on the win and taking the series. I got a feeling there are quite a few more wins to come this season.

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    Sounds good to me, mj!

    Again, have a great week. I plate is full!!!

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