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Thread: Secret Service in trouble down in Colombia

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    Secret Service in trouble down in Colombia

    Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, was briefed on the matter and told CNN that the government personnel brought prostitutes back to their rooms Wednesday night and "one of the women did not leave the room in the morning."

    A hotel manager tried to get in the room, and eventually the woman emerged and said "they owed her money," according to King. Similarly, U.S. government sources said there was a dispute between at least one Secret Service member and a woman brought back to his hotel over a request to be paid.

    Sounds like that hooker... got stiffed.

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    Saving taxpayer money! These guys just became right wing heroes!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nishioka View Post

    Sounds like that hooker... got stiffed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_in_Blue_Land View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedPhoenix View Post
    Saving taxpayer money! These guys just became right wing heroes!!!!
    Demanding feel good services they can't pay for...I'm thinking Dems 2016 nominees. Lol

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    Chinese bankers and Columbian prostitutes. Is there anyone our government doesn't owe money to?
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    The number one rule most D.C. Federal officials set for their employees is:

    Don't do it if you would be embarrassed by it on the front page of the Washington Post.

    These guys forgot that, clearly.

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    I can't believe at GTA III tactic wasn't used...

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