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Thread: How's everybody feeling about the upcoming season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest Fan of All View Post
    No, I just don't like excuses.
    So is there any analysis as to the specific problems that any team has had that you'd accept? I mean seriously, is there any analysis besides "fire the coach" that's acceptable to you? Don't get me wrong, I'm no Bo Pelini sycophant, but I think that not analyzing the difficulties that we've had is stupid and you might as well not post at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest Fan of All View Post
    No, I just don't like excuses.
    Is that your excuse?
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    Feeling good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Train View Post
    Some say that underclassmen playing starting positions on your team is an excuse when they fail. They say changing offenses like changing your socks is an excuse. They say Barney not being able to teach what he knows best (smash mouth) is an excuse. I'm trying to be realistic in saying that it is and always has been a process. You arrive. You get broken down by the coaches and retaught. Bad habits get changed into good habits. Athletes are turned into football players.

    For myself I'm more optimistic than I have been in a long while. Let me try to tell you my reasoning. So may things were lost in all the many transition of the past twelve seasons. The assembly lines of old were dismantled. There were always gaps to fill it seemed on the depth charts. One season we recruited a certain position to catch up. The next season it was another position. Last year we needed linebackers and now the cupboard looks full again.

    Then on top of trying to catch up with depth and gaps, we wandered aimlessly looking for an offense to run. WCO, WCO hybrids, Zone reads, option, and the playbooks changed every season. The process of reloading was gone and Osborne knew it needed rebuilt. Once all the bugs were ironed out over decades of trials and errors. The assembly lines were at full production and spitting out seasoned upper class men at one end and raw talent entering at the other end. Never filling gaps because there weren't any. Red shirting and walkons were an art form used by a process. You hardly ever saw freshmen, red shirt frosh, or very many sophomores starting, unless they were mature and ready to play. Those types were rare in Lincoln. Osborne was more about recruiting athletes and turning them into football players for their last two years. Some great players never seeing the field until their senior season.

    I'm very optimistic this season. The finer points can be addressed with this new offense that Beck has brought forth. A returning quarterback. A returning running back. Returning players on the offensive line. Many defensive backs that have been in the program for a second and third season. Pelini's defense is sophisticated and complexed. First year players in his system seem to have a tough first year with it. Their second year in it usually brings good things. Just as coach Papuchis said that Stafford is making a big jump this season in his knowledge of what he is doing. He's not alone back there. We have seen a stifling secondary when we had two and three year players who understood it and operating it.

    We may be still a year away from the assembly lines at full production but the process of old is getting very close. Reloading instead of filling gaps. Never playing players before they are ready. Having players knowing why they do things, rather than just doing what they are told. Bo's Match-defense needs second year players to operate it at it's full potential. This year we have it.

    We will contend this season. We still have some things to over come. Penalties and ball security have been a thorn the past few years. As the program matures with upper class men, returning coaches and schemes, hopefully those fumbles and penalties will disappear. Some call it excuses because they never understood the process. Dr, Osborne returned just to make things right before he goes. The process that kept little overachieving Nebraska the winning-est program of it's era, has been reinstalled piece by piece. Not the option or a particular scheme, but the process of building football players from the ground up. Red shirting, walkons, development and then unleashing the final product. That process is very close to returning in Lincoln.

    This season we have depth up front. A quarterback who has two years of experience. We have two and three year players in Bo's match-defense. Nebraska has a lot of good things going on and the process for many players are coming to fruition. Some young fans that never knew the secrets may not understand just yet. That's just yet. Years back Nebraska would have never had the success they maintained over decades without the process. Transition after transition destroyed the process. Bo's team breaks out this year. I'm not calling for a national title, I'm talking about continuation and success. A title isn't out of the question, but as we all know it takes luck as well as a great process. Enjoy the progress and hold on to the process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorageHusker View Post
    Are you guys full on sipping Red Kool-Aid? Are you completely pessimistic? Or are some of you guys like me and feeling cautiously optimistic from everything you're hearing?

    I really like the video I'm seeing of improved footwork from Taylor, I think that all of our skill positions on offense look like they are going to be fantastic. But Taylor is still Taylor, and until he creates a little more production on the field, I'm still going to be worried about consistency. Also we had some pretty significant losses on the o-line. It will be quite interesting to see how those gaps are filled. I also got to figure that Tim Beck will be a better play caller in his second season at the helm of the offense.

    On the D, I have to figure that we've got some serious talent at every level. At the corners, I have to think that between Seisay, Green, A. Bell, Evans, SJB, Heard and Charles Jackson, we should be able to find a couple of lockdown guys and enough leftovers to play the nickels. At Safety, it appears that we might have the strength of the D back there with PJ and Stafford. I'm a little concerned about a drop in production at LB, as I worry about our athleticism at that level, but I'm hoping that we see improved consistency out of Fisher, continued solid play from Compton and Whaley, and perhaps either Santos or Andersen will bring a little flair, speed and spark to the group. My brother was saying the other day that he was worried about our 2 deep on the D-Line. I have to say that I don't get it, between Steinkuhler, Chase Rome, Peat, Thad Randle, and the others, I feel that we should be pretty stacked at the DT, then look at Meredith, Eric Martin, Ankrah and Joe Carter and I feel we have a pretty formidable 2 deep on the D-line.

    All of that has to be understood within the context of the fact that we got blown out twice, dropped a pitiful game to Northwestern and totally didn't show up in the bowl game. But I sort of feel like this team has the potential to take a step forward.
    Excellent analysis listing both the positives and negatives. I really think we will be improved but how much I do not know. I know many dwell on the fact we lost the three playmakers. Will we miss them? Sure we will but can we survive without them only time will tell. We already had a half year without Crick and while missing him we did beat a good Michigan State team and a better than average Penn State team. There is no doubt we will miss David and Denard but as a whole I think the defense will be improved with fewer holes. I also think Taylor will show improvement and true he is never going to be a great passer but if he can improve his passing to where he hits an occasional deep pass to become a threat it will loosen up the opposing defenses to allow our running game to flourish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskerRedDread View Post
    Is that bad? I'm not sure what you can by embarrassing a defense (teammates) that doesn't see the game unless a starter is tired or hurt.
    I'm not sure that, this time, he meant that it was bad. I was impressed with his honest assessment of how BC used to run the Spring game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjw11 View Post
    Nothing wrong with being honest....we have a long way to for national relevance and when you see the top 5 type squads you see we are closer to 20-25 than 10-5 and that really bums me out
    Couldn't agree more with the "being honest" comment. However, just being honest with us about your opinions does not necessarily mean that your opinion is factual. My opinion is that we (Huskers) have been hanging around in the 15/25 range and desperately trying to move into that 10 and above range (apparently that is the range that you and Mr. Matlock deem significant) and I am a patient enough and faithful enough fan to see and believe signs that I perceive in this program that we will move into the range that we are players in the national picture as far as championships are concerned. I am among the many fans here who suffered through the 23 years of ups and downs in the Tom Osborne era. We have just barely scratched the surface in the Pelini era and there are already the "fire Pelini" crowd that do not have even a modicum of patience to at least find out the direction that Bo is going to take this team. To them apparently going from 10-3 to 9-4 is a trend! To me Bo is in the infancy of his head coaching career and if he can manage a consistency in this formative part of his career, what will he be capable of once he matures? The facts are that the program may go south under his leadership, it may flat-line at a 9-4 constant or it may turn into another dynasty ------ none of us really know.

    I for one, cannot wait to find out and I feel sorry for those of you who can't seem to enjoy the ride. I am just happy to be among those who have a positive slant on the future of this program. If things don't go the way I think they will, I will have to have an attitude adjustment then.


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    I think it will be a fun year for us fans. Probably win a few as underdog, and, lose a few we probably shouldn't. I really don't have a sense we will be significantly better or worse overall. Sure, a few postions may standout one way or another. Because it's spring I have optimism. Come fall it will turn to realism. Late fall? Well, we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest Fan of All View Post
    I didn't say it was good or bad, I really don't know. A few things I have observed over the years: BC tried to "wow" people with the game, Bo tries to make sure no one sees a thing, and TO and BD seemed to use the game to actually develop the team.
    Bo uses it for development also. He just keeps it basic to yes avoid showing too much of what they worked on during spring camp but also to limit injuries. It makes no sense to throw in a game plan or scheme for a team you won't be facing for another 5 months. Just because its basic doesn't mean they aren't being developed. Some times basics is what the team needs to make sure is developed because that's what hinders the team most. (can we say fumbles galore)
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Reign View Post
    Steven M. Sipple@HuskerExtraSip Abdullah says NU offense will be "like a storm." I asked what type of storm. His reply: "What type of storm scares you most?" #Huskers

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    I feel like this year will be similar to last year, if not maybe a game better. We will lose 2 games to better teams and will probably slip up once because of the grind. Hopefully we can win our bowl game and get to 10 wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorageHusker View Post
    So is there any analysis as to the specific problems that any team has had that you'd accept?
    It is never OK for a coach to make excuses for his team. It is OK for the administration and fans to cut their coach some slack (make some excuses) at times. Normally, this would be reserved for a coach that had significant prior success and for a coach than did not continually need excuses to rely on. We've heard 4 years of excuses (prior coach, refs hate us, injuries, penalties, lack of depth, coaches saying "we can't do it for them", staff changes, offensive changes, bad breaks, etc., ad nausem). At this point, 4 years in, with only marginal success, we need to quit making or listening to excuses for poor performance and poor coaching. It is time for results.

    I mean seriously, is there any analysis besides "fire the coach" that's acceptable to you?
    I haven't seriously pushed for that yet, because I know TO won't do it until BP is to trainwreck status. That will take at least 2 years, likely more.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm no Bo Pelini sycophant, but I think that not analyzing the difficulties that we've had is stupid and you might as well not post at all.
    The HC has a job and that is to analyze the difficulties and FIX THEM. There's been plenty of analysis, just not much fixing. But, this year they have lots of returning starters, great depth, a stable offense with a 2 year starting maybe the fixing is ready to show up. I know one thing, absent the unspeakable, I don't know of an excuse that ANY Nebraska fan should accept for a season that isn't better than last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest Fan of All View Post
    Specifically, where do you see our talent lacking?

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