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Thread: Huskers offer 2014 in-state recruit: OG D.J. Foster

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    Thumbs up Huskers offer 2014 in-state recruit: OG D.J. Foster

    This is huge for Nebraska as this youngman is very highly thought of....will start as a 4**** as a minimum in my opinion and perhaps the gem of the in-state class.....everything I've heard is this one is a slam dunk he will be a Husker....

    Oh and the first 2014 offer to boot....tells you how special this kid is....

    Lincoln, NE
    Lincoln Southeast
    295 lbs
    Bench Max:295Squat Max:425
    Vertical:25 inches
    Scholarships Offered: Nebraska
    His film is awesome....he can get at 'em in a hurry....

    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    I couldn't agree more. We need to get this guy.

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    That kid was a beast as a sophomore. And he can move. I like how early in the film you see him running down field to take out a DB.
    Full disclosure: I grew up in an era of Husker football when it was blasphemous for a coach to say he was "spooked" out of calling a run play. Of course, that was when hard-nosed running defined the program.

    It's difficult to establish a strong run game without firm resolve. Daily resolve. In too many instances such as when Nebraska calls for passes on third-and-3 in four-down territory a lack of commitment is evident.


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