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Thread: Great. Now more idiots out on the streets for the Trayvon Martin thing.

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    Great. Now more idiots out on the streets for the Trayvon Martin thing.

    Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are "Prepared" For Post-Trayvon Martin Violence
    Great. Now more idiots out on the streets for the Trayvon Martin thing. Not sure if ascribing race to this case was such a good idea.

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    I hate Florida Nazis.

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    Black supremacy groups such as the Five Percenters, Black Panther Party, and UHURU Movement have minimal membership and do not appear to be highly influential at this time. The largest, most dominant racial supremacy groups in Florida are the white supremacy groups.
    they are out there.....

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    Apparently, Klaus von WookiePelt was just waiting for the call to hit the streets...
    (possible NSFW).

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    I wish everyone would just leave and stop trying to use this tragedy for their own gain. Let us deal with this and heal.

    If you are a racist, you are an idiot and a fool...we all bleed the same blood.

    So many people rushed in to divide us all up and pit us against each other. Jesse and Al got a few more minutes of air time, NBC (and the other networks) got a few more points of ratings, the NBPP got some air time, and now these bozos are getting there. None really care about Trayvon or his family beyond how they can use them. The will do what they can to wring out all they can for themselves and in the end we will have dead son, a guy that has already been convicted before seeing a courthouse, and a community torn apart.

    (by the way Trayvon was used this weekend during Easter services for voter registration...that is wrong on so many levels.)
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    FREE POYER!!!!!!!

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    I may need a vacation after saying this.....

    I agree with RP....

    You never stand so tall as when you kneel to help a child.

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