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Thread: Huskers to wear Futuristic uni next year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huskerpilk View Post
    It can go terribly wrong.
    Full disclosure: I grew up in an era of Husker football when it was blasphemous for a coach to say he was "spooked" out of calling a run play. Of course, that was when hard-nosed running defined the program.

    It's difficult to establish a strong run game without firm resolve. Daily resolve. In too many instances such as when Nebraska calls for passes on third-and-3 in four-down territory a lack of commitment is evident.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskerRedDread View Post
    New respect for HRD...classic scene from a classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest Fan of All View Post
    Not sure if Minnesota beat ISU to the punch on copying USC's uniforms otr not, but they might deserve the inital credit. Surprisingly, Iowa may have been the first uniform thief back when they stole the Steelers unies. Or. maybe Wisco, when they stole ours.
    Copying USC's unis? How so? I did hate the fact that they copied USC's maroon, though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Huskerpilk View Post
    It can go terribly wrong.

    I actually think these are an improvement for Mizzou.

    The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.

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