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Thread: 4* OG/DT Scott Quessenberry

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    4* OG/DT Scott Quessenberry

    247 Sports Profile

    Barton Simmons, national analyst for 247, stopped by Huskers Illustrated today and dropped us this note on Quessenberry:

    Here is the feature I wrote after visiting his school. Quessenberry is high on Nebraska right now and I absolutely love this kid. Love his film and love his mentality after talking to him.He was going to go to Nebraska's spring game on April 14 but has to take the ACT that weekend instead but he still wants to get to Lincoln soon.
    Finally, here is the link to the story by Simmons on Quessenberry: LINK

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    Carlsbad is a great place just outside San Diego....and they play top-notch football their....thanks for posting this BTBR....very encouraging...

    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    What a great name!
    “It’s fun to watch Nebraska be Nebraska again,” Jermiah Sirles said. “They played their hearts out. Back on the right track, baby. Let’s go.”

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    Not too far from my place, I'll try to check him out. His team is perennially one of the better ones in SD county

    As a JR, Quessenberry was named first team all league, first team "all North County" and 2nd team all CIF. Interestingly, he was named all league as an O lineman and all north county & CIF as a D lineman.

    Sounds like he has a lot of potential, I'm looking forward to him checking out Lincoln

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