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You appear to have a deep anger towards Obama.

That's fine. I felt the same way about Bush at the end.

But just because others don't share your deep-seated feelings, don't accuse them of "idolatry."

I can't think of one person on this board who idolizes Obama.

There were those that felt the same way as you do now about some JFK followers. And some Reagan followers for that matter. They were wrong too.

I wonder if what's getting at you and others is the simple fact that Obama IS popular with some people. In many of these cases, too popular to a fault, I'll give you that. But it just grinds on you that he's loved by some people. That's sad.
You admit that he's popular to a fault, and that he's loved by some people. Outside of his family and friends, who should be loving him? If that's not idolatry, I don't know what is. Sad indeed that people cling to a politician in such a manner.