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Thread: BLT Poppers

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    BLT Poppers

    2 dozen cherry tomatoes
    4 oz cream cheese (typically a half package)
    2 Tbsp mayo
    6 slices bacon
    1/2 cup chopped raw spinach (I eyeballed this so could need a bit more or less)
    2 green onions, sliced fairly fine (I used the green middle section of these)
    1 small package croutons (or make your own)

    1. Hollow out cherry tomatoes.

    2. Crisp and chop the bacon (the more the merrier)

    3. Mix all ingredients other than the tomatoes and croutons; stuff mixture into the tomatoes.

    4. Top each popper with a crouton.

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    definitely sounds great! I'll be trying this next week! Thanks!

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    do you mix what you took out of the tomatoes into this as well?

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    I'm wondering the same thing

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    Sitting just quietly under the cork tree, smelling the flowers
    No, I didn't use the tomato innards. My thought was it would make the stuffing too runny. But I hated to waste that, so I might use at least some next time (probably would run it through a strainer to get rid of the seeds, but the pulp and juice would be good to use).

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    My primary gripe about recipes like this is they are a lot of work (Hollowing out Cherry Tomatoes?)... granted, taste great... What I want is for you to invite me over to have some...

    The Cherry tomatoes seem to be pretty small to stuff... (do you slice to top off?) I am thinking that you'd need to slice in half...

    I am wondering if Roma Tomatoes might work even better... a bit larger, but not too large... you could slice in half... should have a rich tomato flavor... also the oblong ones from Mexico (in Yellow plastic package) would work, a bit larger and very rich tomato flavor (I buy them in lieu of cherry tomatoes all the time now)...

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    So I just got done preparing these babies. I used about 30 cherry tomatoes and cut the fill recipe in half (except for the bacon). It did take forever and was a tedious. They are delicious though. I am using them as a garnish on a vegetable tray. We'll see how the guests enjoy them.


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