Top pick wins.

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Last week, while losing at NCAA 2012, Martinez threw his controller at the tv in frustration. He now has a hole in his microwave.

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It's like your keyboard is farting all over the Internet.
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I will take 5 more years of 9-10 wins a year if it guarantees we don't drop below that. It would mean we'll have a 11-more season within a decade. With our population base and built-in recruiting challenges, we have to have both our offense and defensive talent cycles coincide. We had great defense last year, but our offense has been down for two years. (How much better is our record if we put the 2010 defense with the 2011 offense?) Add in a complete staff shuffle on both sides of the ball, new would have been easy to lose ground this year.

9-10 with no major problems is the standard. That standard is being met and exceeded on the academic side. There shouldn't even be a discussion going on that includes the word "fire". Suggesting repeating the biggest mistake in modern NU history in less than 10 years is beyond insanity.