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Thread: can a man and a dog be considered a legal union?

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    can a man and a dog be considered a legal union?

    OK here's the deal,

    there's a woman that works in my office, "Lora", who had a weimeraner dog for about 6 months. However, the apartments where she lives do not allow pets. Apparently the apartment manager found out she had the dog and they basically told her "get rid of the dog or move out."

    I helped her put together a craigslist ad and she had probably about a half dozen inquiries but there was one fellow (I'll call him "Dave") who lived about 300 yards from her apartment that expressed interest. She decided to give the dog to him so that she could at least visit it when she wanted.

    Well, long story short, she found out from a waiter that works at the restaurant right across the parking lot from our offices that the waiter ("john") used to live with this fellow and they were lovers apparently. Well, according to a waitress that works with John, she said John discovered that Dave was supposedly enjoying relations with the weimeraner, got mad, and moved out.

    So now Lora is horrified that the dog may be being harmed or abused by Dave, even though the dog isn't apparently a pure breed. So she goes to see "Dave" and basically he just denies everything and says that the dog is his because she gave it to him and he called her an indian giver. He said that the dog and he had grown attached by now.

    So now she is stuck without the dog and trying to figure out what her legal recourse is. The security guy at the apartment complex says she has no legal right to the dog since she gave it up, and that a judge is probably going to recognize this as a "union" of sorts and will not force them to split.

    I'm not sure what to tell her. Anyone else been in a similar situation?
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    sorry to see that people actually responded to this fiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cm husker View Post
    sorry to see that people actually responded to this fiction.
    I love West Texas Husker's threads. I open and read each and every one of them. You never really know what to expect!

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    So WestTexasHusker, what did you tell her you were doing with the dog?

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