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Thread: Ondre Pipkins question

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    Ondre Pipkins question

    Why didn't we offer this guy? 5 star, #14 top 250 DL from Kansas City. Committed to Michigan in August.
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    we are after a bigger fish, Andrus Peat !!!!!

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    Moved there from Detroit, has family in Metro Detroit area. Just guessing.

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    This is probably an example for the argument in previous thread with N2FL and RR and others.... Here is an example where offers might not indicate "worth of a player". Player has obvious reason to pick a school, does so and is a solid commit, rebuffing all other interest. Why waste effort, why offer. Just saying people are not likely to offer someone like M.Minter Jr. as he has done all in power to draw interest of Husker coaches. Legacy guy.

    Anyway, that might explain it. I have no further insight on this particular player, just that it might be obvious he wasn't picking Nebraska, so energy spent elsewhere is energy better spent.
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