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Thread: Pops You seen this!

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    Pops You seen this!

    This is wild! The good old days.
    Ski & H-D would love it!

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    I like it but would want chrome.
    Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schuskerfan View Post
    I like it but would want chrome.
    Blacked out is better.

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    Oh my!
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    If they could get it to pop a little flame at the top it would really be cool, that wouldn't be to hard to design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedPhoenix View Post
    Blacked out is better.
    I believe the term is "'murdered' out" these days.

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    Holy crap. That. Was. AWESOME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RussianRed View Post
    This is wild! The good old days.
    Ski & H-D would love it!

    Love it and yup...I am trying to get rid of as much chrome as possible on my scooters

    And here I am still smiling
    In the intricate asylum of society
    Well I got to be

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