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Thread: LB Tyrone (T.J.) Neal Film

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    LB Tyrone (T.J.) Neal Film

    T.J. will visit for the Ohio State game....pretty impressive film....

    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    we certainly need help at the position. hope we can get a few and perhaps a good juco that can come in and play from day one!!

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    Seems like he scrapes off blockers well, he really lit up that RB in the flat, uses his hands well to get off blocks and seemed most tackles stopped the play right in it's tracks...I know it's a highlight film

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    His film looks pretty good. Really need some bodies in that position, though our guys are young there (with the exception of David)
    Full disclosure: I grew up in an era of Husker football when it was blasphemous for a coach to say he was "spooked" out of calling a run play. Of course, that was when hard-nosed running defined the program.

    It's difficult to establish a strong run game without firm resolve. Daily resolve. In too many instances such as when Nebraska calls for passes on third-and-3 in four-down territory a lack of commitment is evident.


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