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Thread: Standings 4/4

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    Standings 4/4

    Texas A&M 7-2
    Texas 7-2
    Oklahoma 5-3
    Oklahoma State 5-4
    Texas Tech 4-5
    Baylor 4-5
    Kansas 4-5
    Nebraska 2-4
    Kansas State 2-7
    Missouri 1-4

    I wold like to thank the kitties for keeping MA hopes of a contract extension alive. NU is in tournament qualification position...for now
    What one person receives without working for, another person must work for
    without receiving.

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    Yep, TO sees this as "progress", we are stuck with MA until TO retires.
    "They're not in my head" -- Tim Miles trying to explain how a team with lessor talent, experience, resources, and conference affliation has won 13 of 16 games against Nebraska.

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