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    by Published on 08-13-2013 07:09 AM
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    This year, a game-by-game analysis of Nebraska's season would prove mostly fruitless, as the Huskers look to be favored in eleven games, perhaps six or seven of those by double digits. But just because the road appears easy doesn't mean that the 2013 Nebraska Cornhuskers will ...
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    Some random thoughts on the start of Nebraska's Football practices:

    • I may earn the scorn of the professional media types, but who really cares that Bo Pelini closed the first practices to reporters and did not make anybody available for interviews? I get that the fine folks at the Lincoln Journal-Star, Omaha World-Herald, and other media outlets have stories to write, air time to fill, and online content needs all in a never-ending ...
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    This is my countdown of the greatest Nebraska Cornhuskers to wear each jersey number, 1-99. For background on the project, click here. We're going to start at #99 and work our way down to #1. For each number, I'll list the best player to wear that number, some of the other memorable Huskers to don that jersey, as well as a personal favorite of mine.

    We're going to stay in the trenches withnumbers 69 through 60.


    Best Player: Mike Kennedy, Linebacker, 1963 - 1965
    Other notables:John Havekost, Tom Welter
    Personal Favorite: Kurt Glathar, Center, 1980 - 1982

    Comments: For the 1964 season, rule changes allowed schools to return to two platoon football. When Coach Bob Devaney broke out his offensive and defensive squads, he wanted a way to tell them apart. As the legend goes, assistant coach Mike Corgan was sent out to a local sporting goods store to get some new practice jerseys. The store owner had some black jerseys that weren't selling. He cut Corgan a deal and the new jerseys were issued to the first string defenders.

    Mike Kennedy was one of the very first Blackshirts, starting the first game after the practice jerseys debuted. He went on to earn All-Big 8 honors as a linebacker the following year.

    I have zero recollection of Kurt Glathar as a football player. But he made a big impression as the assistant principal of my junior/senior high school. The school did not have many discipline problems to begin with, but a 6'2", 250 former lineman strikes a big presence around a bunch of teenagers. While I didn't visit his office too often, I do remember his team pictures from the two Orange Bowls he played in.


    Best Player: Jake Young, Center, 1986 - 1989
    Other notables:Bill Lewis, Steve Lindquist, Mike Mandelko
    Personal Favorite: Young

    Comments:What position is Nebraska best known for? You could make arguments for I-Back, Kicker, Rush End, or a number of other choices. I would make a case for Center, as Nebraska claims arguably the greatest Center in college football history (Rimington) as well as seven others who earned All-America honors. Consider this run: six times in the 1980s, the All-American center was a Cornhusker.

    Two of those honors were won by Jake Young, a cornerstone of some dominating offensive lines. In addition, he was also an Academic All-American. Sadly, Young was a victim ...
    by Published on 07-15-2013 07:14 AM
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    So the SEC has yet to release its schedule for 2014, and the Big 10 has already released football schedules through 2017. Come on SEC, writers and bloggers have a few more weeks to fill before fall camps open up ...
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    This is my countdown of the greatest Nebraska Cornhuskers to wear each jersey number, 1-99. For background on the project, click here. We're going to start at #99 and work our way down to #1. For each number, I'll list the best player to wear that number, some of the other memorable Huskers to don that jersey, as well as a personal favorite of mine.

    Now we move into the corn-fed heart and soul of Nebraska football: numbers 79 through 70. Other than a couple of centers, the big uglies here rarely touch the ball. But don't take these numbers lightly. Of the 17 retired jerseys in Nebraska history, five of them reside in the 70's.

    No touches aside from a couple of fumblerooskies by a famous 71 and an equally famous 75...


    Best Player: Rich Glover, Middle Guard, 1970 - 1972
    Other notables:Josh Sewell
    Personal Favorite: Glover

    Comments: Easily on the short list for Greatest Defensive Player in Nebraska history, Rich Glover won the Lombardi and Outland Trophies, finished third in the Heisman, was a two-time All American, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. To say that he was dominating is a big understatement.

    During Ndamukong Suh's senior season, I heard various people comparing Suh and Glover. I was born a couple of years after Glover graduated, so aside from his 22 tackle game of the century in the Game of the Century, I only know his play from grainy highlight films. I wish I was more familiar with his overall body of work to see if he and Suh were on the same level, or if Glover was a step above.

    Glover's #79 was out of circulation between 1972 and 1995, so very few Huskers have worn it. Even fewer of those were starters, or even names that the average fan would recognize. In a way that makes sense. Glover left a very large legacy, one that will not be easily matched.


    Best Player: Dennis Carlson, Offensive Tackle, 1963 - 1965
    Other notables:Mike Erickson, Tom Punt, Tim Rother
    Personal Favorite: Mike Erickson, Offensive Tackle, 2001 - 2004

    Comments: As good of a job as does, as amazingly thorough as Google is, I really struggled to find a lot of information on what made Dennis Carlson the best to wear #78. For that matter, I did not have a lot of success finding anything on Tom Punt or Tim Rother. All I know is those three earned all conference honors (1965 for Carlson, 1990 for Punt, and 1987 for Rother). Carlson gets the nod for being elected into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame in 2009. Let me know in the comments what I should know about Carlson's career, or if there is a better candidate.

    Random trivia: At 6' 8",Tom Punt is credited with being the tallest football letter winner in school history; a feat that current sophomore ...
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    Article Preview

    What makes a great college quarterback? And does Nebraska currently have one in Taylor Martinez?

    Not yet.

    There's a piece missing. And of course, Martinez can't add that final ingredient by himself.

    There's a plausible argument that claims Martinez has already achieved greatness. Just look at his numbers – and highlight reel plays – and magazine covers. But this year he has one last chance to do something ...
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    This is my countdown of the greatest Nebraska Cornhuskers to wear each jersey number, 1-99. For background on the project, click here. We started at #99 and we're working our way down to #1. For each number, I'll list the best player to wear that number, some of the other memorable Huskers to don that jersey, as well as a personal favorite of mine.

    Next up are numbers 89 through 80. There is a pretty even split between offense (split ends, wide receivers, tight ends, and a couple of wing backs) and defense (defense ends, rush ends, and linebackers).


    Best Player: Broderick Thomas, Outside Linebacker, 1985 - 1988
    Other notables: Frosty Anderson, Mitch Krenk, Junior Miller
    Personal Favorite: Thomas

    Comments: The Sandman was a player ahead of his time. Big, fast, and brash he was a three time All Big 8 pick and two time All American. Thomas was one of the first in Nebraska's stretch of game changing pass rushers (including Mike Croel, Trev Alberts, Grant Wistrom, and others). But yet, Thomas seems to be remembered more for what he said than what he did. When you think about all of the trash talking players of today, making bold proclamations before games, its hard to believe that the Sandman was doing those things almost 30 years ago. I liked the passion and swagger that Thomas brought to NU, and I can think of a number of teams since he left that could have used somebody with his personality (and talents).


    Best Player: Mike Croel, Outside Linebacker, 1987 - 1990
    Other notables: Eric Alford, Guy Ingles, Sheldon Jackson, Trevor Johnson
    Personal Favorite: Rod Smith, Split End, 1985 - 1988

    Comments: Like Broderick Thomas, Croel was a pioneer in Nebraska's run of disruptive pass rushers. A stellar pass rusher, Croel helped anchor the defensive line. I gave Croel the nod over Ingles mainly for the legacy he helped to create on the defensive line, but I'd gladly listen to a case for Guy the Fly as the best.

    Rod Smith is a part of one of my favorite Husker memories: Growing up, my dad would find tickets to one Husker game each year, which was a huge thrill for me. I loved seeing the team, the stadium, the band, the people, the Sea of Red - the whole experience was amazing and electric for a small town Nebraska kid.

    In 1987, we had tickets for the UCLA game - a big step from the games we usually saw (New Mexico, Iowa State, etc.) Before one play, I was watching the huddle with Dad's binoculars. I saw Steve Taylor call the play, and as the huddle broke, he gave Smith a pat on the rear. I announced "I think they're going to Smith". Taylor took the snap, faked the option, dropped back, and hit Smith with a 48 yard bomb (one of Taylor's five passing TDs that day). A very cool memory for me, and one that helped to cement my love of Nebraska Football.
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    Article Preview

    Matt Dickerson of Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo, California, is rated a four-star prospect by ESPN and is a member of their Top 300.

    He is a talented defensive lineman who projects as either a defensive tackle or a strong-side defensive end at the next level.

    Dickerson's versatility is an added quality the coaches covet. He has scholarship offers from some of the most prestigious programs in the country. Among them are USC, Oregon, Notre Dame, Washington and UCLA, schools that traditionally recruit the state of California hard.

    Nebraska has done a good job of getting their foot in the door with Matt and will attempt to pull him out of Pac-12 country.

    I had the opportunity to interview Matt in an attempt to gain some insight into his recruiting experience. The following is a transcript from that:

    Q: What kind of things do you do for fun?

    A: For fun I like to fish and play basketball tournaments on the weekends.

    Q: At what age did you start playing
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    Article Preview

    There isn't that much to be said about Nebraska's 2013 alternate uniforms. Yes, whenever the topic comes up, fans wring their hands and agonize over change, but as Brandon Vogel wrote over on Hail Varsity, these ...
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    When UCLA (an adidas school) released a new uniform yesterday, I got a hunch that we could see something different from Nebraska for their September 14 game against the Bruins.

    Today, Nebraska and adidas revealed the alternate uniforms the Huskers will wear. The set has some minor tweaks to the iconic helmet (a large black stripe instead of the thinner red stripe, a matte finish, and a facemask that transitions from red to black) although the classic sans-serif "N" remains untouched. The biggest change is a black jersey instead of the usual red. (A full slide show can be seen here.)

    So what do I think?

    I don't like them.

    Yes, I am an unabashed old-school fuddy-duddy who thinks Nebraska's uniforms are fine as ...
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