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    by Published on 09-03-2015 03:22 PM  Number of Views: 39 
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    This is my countdown of the greatest Nebraska Cornhuskers to wear each jersey number, 1-99. For background on the project, click here. We're going to start at #99 and work our way down to #1. For each number, I'll list the best player to wear that number, some of the other memorable Huskers to don that jersey, as well as a personal favorite of mine.

    I love the disparity of numbers 39 - 30. At one end (39) is a fairly bleak field of candidates, while on the other end (30) you have two of the greatest I-Backs in school history. And with another mixed back of I-Backs, fullbacks, linebackers, corners, safeties, kickers, wingbacks, and others, it makes the picking rather difficult.


    Best Player: Andra Franklin, Fullback, 1978 - 1980
    Other notables: None
    Personal Favorite: Jeff Souder, Safety, 2005

    Comments: A starter in three different seasons, Andra Franklin was a mainstay at fullback in the late 70s. A gifted runner, Franklin averaged over 5 yards a carry during his Nebraska career, while also proving himself as an excellent blocker. Franklin earned All Big 8 honors in 1980.

    Jeff Souder only played one season at Nebraska, and did not do much more than cover kickoffs. But, oh, were those fun to watch. Souder was generously listed at 200 pounds, but that was 200 pounds of excitement, energy, and desire to go blow somebody up. I remember before kickoffs how he would jump around and excite the crowd like it was 4th and Goal with a national championship on the line. Even though his career didn't go as planned, that excitement was real.


    Best Player: Barrett Ruud, Linebacker, 2002 - 2004
    Other notables: Dan Alexander, Steve Forch, Bruce Pickens
    Personal Favorite: Dan Alexander, I-Back, 1996 - 2000

    Comments: RUUUUUUUD!!!! Nebraska's all time leader in tackles, second to Grant Wistrom is tackles for loss, and is on the short list of greatest linebackers in school history. A three year starter, Ruud was a force all over the field. He had a nose for the football on running plays, but also excelled in pass coverage, recording 12 break ups and two interceptions in his career. While he strangely only earned first team All Big XII honors once, he was a three time academic All Big XII performer.

    When I think of Dan Alexander, I think of two things: First, was amazing potential - the gifted athlete, seemingly chiseled from marble who captivated a fan base with his spring game performances - before knee injuries derailed him. And secondly, there is
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    Special Teams coached by Bruce Read

    Nebraska's special teams units took a punch to the gut when De'Mornay Pierson-El injured his left foot. Last season, thanks to Pierson-El, the Huskers led the Big Ten in both total yards and yards per punt return. Along with his three return touchdowns, Pierson-El accumulated 596 punt return yards - 145 more than any other
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    Let's await Game Day with another edition of Husker Hot Takes:

    Jon Schuetz is in (and then right back out) as public address announcer.

    This fiasco is not a good look - at all - for the University. First off, are they really setting the precedent that all social media posts are fair game, even those made months before you are a candidate for a job? I completely get not saying anything negative while a UNL employee, but the idea that something posted months ago disqualifies somebody from a job is concerning.

    Then, there is the perception that University leadership does not tolerate those who publicly criticize University officials. I am a supporter of Chancellor Perlman, especially for the things he has done for UNL (you know, the actual school - not necessarily the athletic department). But by this standard I'm likely disqualified from ever holding a public-facing job at UNL - as are the majority of people with a Facebook or Twitter account. I don't recall bashing Perlman here or on social media, but the odds are good that somebody could find something they find objectionable.

    Finally, how do you make the hire ...
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    Defensive Backs coached by Brian Stewart

    In order for Mark Banker's Cover 4 defense to really be formidable, the Huskers will need to receive excellent play from their secondary. Most people will automatically associate that comment with the play of the cornerbacks. After all, they are often left out on an island by themselves, shadowing their receiver from the snap of the ball until the play ends. With the previous scheme, corners could expect help over the top from safeties. Not anymore. Don't get
    by Published on 09-01-2015 03:01 PM  Number of Views: 4397 

    If you've seen the movie classic "Princess Bride" you know that Miracle Max is the one who saves the movie's hero (Westley), who is "mostly dead," so that he may rescue the princess from the hands of the evil prince (Prince Humperdinck). Great movie. (

    The question is, will first-year Husker head football coach Mike Riley be able to revive the Husker football program from being "mostly dead"?

    Okay, so the Husker football program ain't exactly close to being dead (at least 9 wins a season for the past 7 years), but after embarrassing losses to Wisconsin, Ohio State, UCLA and Michigan State the program isn't exactly thriving, either.

    And if you consider NU:
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    Linebackers coached by Trent Bray

    One of the biggest concerns facing Nebraska heading into the offseason was the lack of proven depth at the linebacker position. While veterans like Michael Rose-Ivey and Josh Banderas give Nebraska a solid core among the starting group, the rest of the unit is made up of young and inexperienced players. Building depth at the position was a major goal of fall camp. The Huskers brought in four freshmen with their 2015 recruiting class as
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    Yesterday, the 2015 glass of Big Red Kool Aid was half full. Today, it is half empty.

    Let's face it, there is a lot of positive spin thrown at you during the off-season. Players are healthy and in the best shape of their lives. Coaches have the complete respect and command of their players. The team chemistry is so much better than it was last year. Leaders have emerged and the seniors want to go out on a winning note. The offensive line is poised to play like the Pipeline again.

    It happens each and every year. You read the articles and posts, listen to the radio shows, and talk with your friends and co-workers. Like one of those Magic Eye pictures, if you squint and examine the schedule just right, you can see an undefeated season.

    Then the season starts. Suddenly, the second coming of the 1995 team looks more like the 2002 squad, with flashes of 2007.


    That's our purpose today. We want to avoid the painful sting that occurs when a harsh reality slaps you in ...
    by Published on 08-31-2015 11:25 AM  Number of Views: 4207 

    Doing season predictions for a new coach is always hard, because you're not quite sure what that coach is going to run or how he will respond to certain game situations. Although we always change our opinions after Weeks 1 and 2, the 2015 Nebraska team will necessitate such a change, as Mike Riley works ...
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    Defensive Line coached by Hank Hughes

    Depth is a big concern at defensive end, but in terms of a starting front four, Nebraska can go toe-to-toe with any team in the Big Ten. There are still questions of if, and from whom, the Huskers will receive a consistent pass rush from at the end spots. Unfortunately, Randy Gregory decided to forgo his senior season and declared for the NFL draft, and Avery Moss wasn't let back into school after a year-long suspension.
    by Published on 08-31-2015 12:27 AM     Number of Views: 8026 
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    We're now less than a week away from the start of the 2015 season. Mike Riley and staff get to write their first chapter in the pages of Husker history. Will this season be a repeat of Bill Callahan's disastrous 2004 season or will it have the success and promise of Bo Pelini's first year?

    Here are ten reasons you should be optimistic going into this season:

    1. The schedule is favorable. Let's be clear: With two teams that finished 2014 in the top 20 (Michigan State and Wisconsin) the 2015 slate is hardly a cakewalk, but there are many things to like. What appear to be the toughest games (Michigan State and Wisconsin) are at home. The most challenging ...

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