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  • Closer than it looked!!!

    NU 42 Fresno St. 29

    Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and watching the Nebraska/Fresno St. game with the Northern Californians for Nebraska group in Sacramento,CA. Rick, Ron, Linda, and the rest of Husker Nation in Sacramento gave me an experience I will never forget! Thank You All.

    As I was watching the game with Husker Nation in Sacramento I now have more questions than answers! On offense we have to become more balanced, period. Somehow, I’d like to see us get Abdullah more involved. That 100 yd kick-off return was amazing and the move he put on that defender reminded me of Former Husker Johnny Rodger. I’m excited to see how Abdullah, our TE’s and WR’s have shown that are improving. The jury is still out on our OL (lets move on).

    On the defensive side of the ball I was surprised by how effective they were running the ball. Robbie Rouse, Fresno’s RB ended up with 169 yds. Fresno’s offensive line was big and the left tackle kept Crick contained most of the game.The Blackshirts were on the field for 37 minutes of the game. I thought Fresno’s offense was well balanced and they rolled the pocket right and left. Bottom line it’s a win but I want to see improvement quick. Just seeing this score on the sports ticker doesn’t do it any justice we all know it was closer than it looked.
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