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    by Published on 07-23-2015 09:50 AM  Number of Views: 5148 
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    Today is the day that some of us look forward to and others dread: alternate uniform reveal day. Nebraska will wear these October 24th against Northwestern.*

    *Apparently, Nebraska is telling Northwestern "we'll see your ugly black uniforms, and raise you one."

    Let's dive in, piece by piece.



    Like last year, the lid was easily the highlight of the ensemble. When a picture of the matte black helmet with the classic sans-serif "N" was released late Wednesday night, I was cautiously optimistic that I would like this year's uniforms.

    In my opinion, this helmet represents what a Nebraska alternate uniform should strive to be: different, yet recognizable. Trendy, yet classic. Without question, this is my favorite component of any Husker alternate to date.

    Could this be the year that I go from grudging acceptance to full-on love? Could adidas redeem their battered reputation with Husker fans with a grand slam design?

    Grade: A





    Goodness...where to even begin with this thing? Let's start with the pattern in the jersey. The adidas press release says "the jersey's padlock system secures tension over the shoulder pads, while the bodymap fit adheres to the player, making it difficult for opponents to grab, hold or tackle."

    Uh-huh. Sure. Bummer about not being able to tackle us Northwestern.

    You can call it whatever you want. I say it looks like tire treads, which when combined with the diagonal slits going through the numbers, makes it look like the uniforms were run over by a truck (Wisconsin fans, feel free to insert a Melvin Gordon joke here).

    Speaking of the numerals, they are rather reminiscent of the duct tape numbers from last year's jersey. Hopefully, the addition of the silver - sorry, "forged steel" - outline will make them easier to read from row 47. I'm not optimistic.

    One of my biggest criticisms of adidas is how they put all of their schools through a generic template and fail to do anything unique - even for a once-a-year special jersey. For the most part, that holds true: compare these to the new adidas uniforms for UCLA,
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    As a Nebraska football fan, I dread the months of July, and August. Not because those months are painfully slow for news, the season feels light years away, or I'm already tired of predicting the team's record for the upcoming season.

    I dread this time of year because I know that any day now the new Husker football alternative uniform will be released. If we've learned anything over the first three years of the "Unrivaled" series of alternate unis, it's that they are routinely bad, mediocre at best, and downright awful at worst.

    Of course, this is also the time of year where I start to get my hopes up and think "maybe this is the year that adidas knocks it out of the park and creates some spectacular." Surely, the three stripe folks - having recently lost Notre Dame and Tennessee, and reportedly being on the ropes with Michigan - will bring out their "a" game. Right?

    Um....about that....

    * * *

    A post on entitled "Adidas: Sports Apparel Laughingstock" *chronicles a laundry list of screw ups and failings by adidas.

    *As ...
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    On Wednesday, Oklahoma's president said the Big XII "should strive for" a 12-team league. Since it is the end of June, when you're more likely to see snowflakes than college football news*, several outlets pounced on the story and began speculation on who teams XI and XII might be.

    *Or at least, college football news outside of recruiting and arrests. Those two topics know no off-season.

    One of those pieces came from ESPN's Jake Trotter, who broke down 12 possible additions from most likely (BYU, Memphis, Boise State, Cincinnati, etc.), less likely (Florida State and Clemson, or other defectors from a Power 5 conference), down to the least likely: Nebraska.

    You're reading that correctly: somebody at the Worldwide Leader made a case for Nebraska going back to the Big XII.

    Now, before I rip his rationale to shreds, it is worth mentioning in Trotter's defense that he considers North Dakota State* - a current member of the FCS - a much more likely addition than Nebraska. Whether or not this improves Trotter's credibility is up to you.

    *Be sure to give Trotter credit for this spectacular factoid about the Bison: "They actually have as many wins against the Big 12 as Kansas does in the last five years."

    But let's face it: at best, suggesting Nebraska as a "new" member of the Big XII is an ...
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    Even by their historically ugly standards, 2015 has been a very bad year for the Nebraska Basketball program.

    Let's recap Nebrasketball's low-lights since the first of the year:

    • A 5-13 record, with an average margin of defeat of 13 points.

    • NU was winless on the road and 1-8 against conference foes that made the NCAA tournament. (It should be noted that lone win was over Michigan State, a Final Four team).

    • The team was locked out of their locker room and banned from media contact by Head Coach Tim Miles after an embarrassing home loss to Iowa.

    • The Huskers fell behind 13th seed Penn State by 16 points in the first round of the Big Ten tournament. A late rally gave the Big Red a chance to take the lead in the final minute, but they ended up losing by four.

    • Walt Pitchford announced he's quitting basketball to focus on getting his degree. Three days later, he had declared for the NBA draft.

    • After appearing in every game, promising freshman guard Tarin Smith decided to transfer.

    • Star forward and leading scorer Terran Petteway announced that he's forgoing his senior season to enter the NBA draft.

    • Assistant Coach Chris ...
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    I've got a handful of post-Spring Scrimmage thoughts I'd like to share, but I want to focus on the two biggest Husker stories of the week:

    Former Husker linebacker and broadcaster Adrian Fiala passes away at age 67.

    Adrian Fiala was a standout linebacker on the Bob Devaney teams of the late 1960s. Although he graduated just before Nebraska won back-to-back national championships, he is widely credited for helping to elevate the team's play from 6-4 mediocrity to a 9-2 team on the cusp of greatness. Fiala was a two-sport standout, serving as a catcher on the Nebraska Baseball team.

    But for most Nebraska fans, Fiala's biggest impact was as a broadcaster. He was a fixture in the Husker broadcast booth between the end of the Pavelka/Sadlemeyer era and the current Sharpe/Davison team. He was a fixture on NET's Big Red Wrap-up show. He was blessed with a deep, booming voice, a humble folksy charm, and a level of preparation that inspired his colleagues. When you think of the greatest Husker moments between 1996 and 2010 - Stuntz to Crouch, Alex Henery's 57 yard field goal, and countless others - you could count on Adrian Fiala sharing your excitement and enthusiasm in the radio booth. Was he a homer for Dear Old Nebraska U? You bet your backside he was, and I never heard him apologize for supporting his home state alma mater with everything he had.

    Personally, ...
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    Come bask in the warmth of the hot takes...

    Mike Riley and friends can recruit a little bit.

    I'll preface this with a big disclaimer: I don't follow recruiting very closely. I understand the importance, but watching highlight films and tracking the whims of 17-year-old kids doesn't do it for me. That said, it certainly looks to me like Mike Riley and his staff will be a recruiting force. For a new staff coming in with less than two months to go in the recruiting season, ...
    by Published on 12-26-2014 03:06 PM     Number of Views: 7431 

    Lost in the shuffle of Bo Pelini's firing, the coaching search, Mike Riley's hiring, another Pelini audiotape, and other December distractions, is a rather important item: Nebraska is playing a talented and respected University of Southern California team in the Holiday Bowl.

    Very few people are giving the Huskers much of a chance in this game. The Vegas odds-makers have the Trojans as a seven point favorite, ...
    by Published on 12-18-2014 03:06 PM     Number of Views: 10082 
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    While I think there were some moments of truth and honesty in Bo Pelini's comments to his former players after being fired from Nebraska, it is sadly obvious that there are many more pieces of spin, delusion, and possible fabrications.

    Since I don't really feel like splitting hairs or getting caught up in spin, I'm going to point out ten quotes where Pelini was completely, unequivocally, dead wrong:

    1. "I didn't really have any relationship with the AD."

    I include this one not from a fact or crap point of view, because I have no idea what type of relationship Bo and Shawn Eichorst had - nor is it really relevant to the point.

    I include it because if Bo did not have a relationship with his boss, his direct supervisor - the guy who could fire him - that's on him. I'm not saying that Bo needed to be a brown-noser or bestest buddies with ol' Shawnie, but if I was concerned about being fired - or more appropriately, wanting to avoid being fired - I'd make sure my boss knew who I was, what intangibles I bring to the table, the names of the kids who be uprooted if I'm canned, etc.

    I know Bo was a little busy trying to build a football team good enough to win championships and silence 1.8 million critics, but that doesn't excuse not making an effort.

    2. "(Eichorst) was never going to come out in the paper and support (us)."

    From an story dated August 13, 2014:

    • "I really enjoy what ...
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    Fans and media members are reacting to the leaked audio of Bo Pelini's farewell address to his team from a few days after he was fired. Most of that reaction is rightfully critical as Pelini was very harsh - both in language and in message - in attacking his former boss, fans, media, and University leadership while portraying himself as somebody who was not supported by the administration.


    There are several areas of Pelini's speech where the coach is right, speaking the truth, or unintentionally stated an absolute fact.

    Here are the nuggets of truth mined from the Omaha World-Herald's transcript of the speech:

    1. "(Eichorst) was never going to come out in the paper and support (us)."

    Let's set aside the inconvenient truth that Eichorst - in an August interview with the World-Herald, Lincoln Journal Star and the Associated Press - did offer support (even if Eichorst's quotes read like a prequel to the Bo is fired press conference). I interpret Bo's quote to mean that he was looking for his boss to speak up for him after the Wisconsin or Minnesota losses.

    But if we know anything about Eichorst, it is that he's never going to make public comments about a coach while the coach is in the midst of a season. Bo states a truth, but he should have been smart enough to know he was not going to get what he wanted.

    2. "The scrutiny, the taking shots at you, and everything ...
    by Published on 12-11-2014 03:07 PM     Number of Views: 9205 
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    Fill your Christmas stockings with a fresh batch of Husker Hot Takes:

    What in the holy Incarnate Word is going on with Nebrasketball?

    That was a meltdown of epic proportions. Fouling a shooter taking a three pointer. Twice. Throwing away in-bounds passes. Mental lapses and physical breakdowns. All while a less than capacity crowd watches quietly. Somewhere in Indiana, Barry Collier said "Damn, that's a bad loss."*

    *He probably didn't say that.

    I heard a conspiracy-minded person hint that maybe Nebraska lost on purpose (for reasons ...