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  • The 2013 HuskerMax Through These Gates Documentary Film Tour

    I have been working with Ryan Tweedy who is the creator of the documentary film about Husker fans titled Through These Gates for the past year. Ryan has been working on the project for almost two years now. The film is complete and we are scheduling screenings across the state of Nebraska and many other states across the country during the 2013 season. The first screening will be in southern California on Saturday, August 10th at the OC Taven in San Clemente sponsored by the Californians for Nebraska.

    Nebraska fans have always taken pride in their unwavering support of the football and other sports teams and their reputation for good sportsmanship. I believe it was Kent Pavlka who coined the phrase "If you are not from Nebraska you can't understand it. If you are from Nebraska you can't explain it." We had one of the first screenings at my house for about a dozen people about a month ago and I can confidently say that Ryan has captured the essence of what it means to be a Nebraska fan in this 90 minute film. He has done this through interviews with Nebraska icons like Tom Osborne and Tommie Frazier and with people like the farmer in a small town or a guy that proposed to his wife on the stadium jumbotron. This is one of those films that will have you laughing one minute and bring tears to your eyes the next and you will see yourself and your Husker pride in this film.

    Ryan came to me with the idea of scheduling screenings for the film and we decided to adopt a model of setting them up as a fund raiser with different non-profit organizations, booster clubs and alumni chapters in each city. By the time we get to the last game of the regular season against Iowa we may visit over 70 cities and work with at least that many organizations to raise funds for their programs of service. Our goal is to raise over $100,000 for these organizations across the country by Thanksgiving.

    I have been a Husker fan since 1962 and this season is one that I am looking forward to the most as it may be the first time I will actually attend every home and away game for the entire season and spend most of the days between games meeting and interacting with Husker fans in as many as 20 states. Both of my parents are gone now but I know they will be following this journey from their sky box in the sky. Like most of us my parents are the reason I grew up a Husker fan and I am really looking forward to meeting many other Husker fans and their parents during this tour.

    The current list of confirmed and pending screenings is located here.

    Short video clips, trailers, the film's theme song and other information is located at

    I will be publishing a blog here after each screening during the tour and Ryan and I will be Tweeting and posting on Facebook as we go across Nebraska and the rest of the country. We look forward to seeing many of you on this journey.

    Go Big Red!!
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    1. KTexUNLfan's Avatar
      KTexUNLfan -
      Hope at some point there is a way for the thousands of Husker fans living outside of Nebraska to see it.
    1. BigRedMax's Avatar
      BigRedMax -
      KTexUNLfan, we are working on two screenings in Texas. If they are confirmed we will add them to the schedule.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Comcast Cable? Or some other way.. Online perhaps?
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