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  • Leverage and What Kids Will Do

    As we move into summer with football just around the corner, I want to show you what a group of inner-city fatherless kids are doing to earn the right to play youth football. These kids gather each day to practice football, but first they have a progressive reading and character tutorial. The video you will see is a "rough" draft for a pilot program in California that we hope to duplicate in Nebraska in the Fall of 2012. Here is what you are watching:

    1. Kids ages 6-13 running to the front of the class to read aloud to the team
    2. Kids teaching character and values based lessons that have been introduced by volunteer youth football coaches

    We had a reading specialist with twenty plus years of experience observe this and say she has NEVER seen anything like this in all her years of education. This is just a sample of what kids who are motivated are capable of.

    I am speaking to businesses and educators who want to understand why kids at this early age, with little to no resources, will perform at this high level. The answer is "leverage." Leverage is simply discovering what someone wants (or creating what they want) and making it achievable. When you do that, people will do amazing things to get there. This applies to kids wanting to play football or employees who need to perform at higher levels.

    Imagine what would happen if more kids were learning core values and character at these early ages. We would have fewer athletes at the college and pro level embarrassing themselves with character breakdowns.

    We are committed to teaching young men values and character to make them "uncommon men." I invite you to forward this to teachers, coaches and people of influence so we can have an epidemic of great character breaking out all over the country.
    ...Coach Roz

    Greg "Coach Roz" Roeszler is the Founder & Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation. If you would like to invite Coach Roz to come and speak to your organization, he can be contacted through
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    1. Hefty Husker's Avatar
      Hefty Husker -
      Great idea.

      As a former educator, I agree: you need some sort of leverage/reward for the child to want to learn what you are teaching.
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