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  • Michigan game review by Calvin Jones

    Nebraska 17 Michigan 45

    Inconsistency All the Way Around

    When I look back over the past 3 seasons Coach Bo always gets to this point in the season, and itís ground hog day all over again. We get to this part with high expectations only to find ourselves re-living the year before.

    The first series for both Nebraska and Michigan end with both teams going 3 and out. On Michiganís 2nd offensive series WR Roundtree makes a 46yd reception, which on the play he got away with a push off on CB Dennard. DL Cameron Meredith also was flagged for hands to the face. Michigan ends up scoring on a 6yd pass play by Michigan QB Robinson to WR Gallon, to make it Michigan7-NU 0. On Michiganís next offensive series LB David and S Stafford came up with a sack on QB Robinson in which Michigan had to settle for a FG making it Michigan 10-NU 0.On our next offensive series Martinez hits a wide open WR Kinnie for a 54yd td reception making it a 3pt game. On Michiganís next series DL Moore batted the ball thrown by Robinson in the air and intercepted it on Michiganís 34yd line. We ended up settling for a 51yd FG by Maher, which tied the game. Michigan comes right back and scores on a 14yd QB Keep by Robinson making it Michigan 17- NU 10. Our next series TE Long got a holding penalty for holding which stopped the drive.

    We come out of halftime receiving the ball and WR/KR Bell fumbles the opening kick-off and Michigan recovers at our 33yd line. S Thorell committed a pass interference on 3rd down which resulted in Michigan getting a 1st and goal for the 2yd line. Michigan scored making it 24- NU 10. Our next offensive drive it was 4th down and we were punting. Maher let the ball get to close to his body and the punt was blocked. Maher was also hurt on the play but later would come back in the game. On Michiganís next series on 4th down attempting a FG, Michigan faked the FG and scored making it 31 ĖNU 10. QB Martinez and company come back on the next series and marches down the field to score on a play for the ages. QB Martinez, RB Burkehead, and RB Abdullah all touch the ball on the real triple option. NU 17 Ė Michigan 31. Michigan added 2 additional touchdowns in the 4th quarter.

    This game was filled with penalties, fumbles, missed tackles, etcÖ. Offensively it hasnít looked like Burkehead has been 100% since the Ohio State game. We have 3 true freshman running, 2 in which hasnít played very much and their red shirts were wasted. Not to mention all 3 of the running backs have to come up together. Someone isnít going to be happy. Our receivers at times again dropped balls that shouldíve been caught. Martinez still has issues running the offense and I thought against Michigan our offensive line played the most consistent collectively, not mistake free.

    On defense against Michigan I saw some of our Safetyís out of position several times which resulted in big plays for Michigan. LB David oh course showed up and I thought the LBís overall were the most consistent on Defensive side of the ball. Our DL again was not able to get any pressure on QB Robinson and the few times we did he would tuck it and run. We also had some uncharacteristic penalties on our DL.

    Special Teams Ė Fumbles and Penalties!!!

    This one was difficult to swallow. This far along in the season and this much inconsistency makes you wonder where we are as a program? Only thing I can think of is ďMaybe my expectations are too high for where we are currently at. ď

    Regardless: Forever A Husker!
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Well said Calvin. Groundhog day again. It has taken Nebraska all this time to hope to be the 10-3 team that fired Solich. A long road with predictable outcomes.....

      From your old central high friend Marcus Micheli
    1. Colorado Springer's Avatar
      Colorado Springer -
      Solich was about to become an embarassment for off the field actions. He had to go. Peterson went after several candidates and shut down Nebraska traditions which was unwise and alienated many important boosters & alums. His choice was a mistake because of pressure to come up with a big-name coach. The whole experiment was a disaster. Because of Cornhusker dominance in the 90's, the NCAA put in several rule changes on scholarship numbers and such that were aimed directly at Nebraska in order to bring about "parity", I.E. stop Nebraska's dominance. Coach Osborne predicted that it would hurt our recruiting and give other teams an advantage (SEC). Nebraska also ran off its training staff (Boyd Epley) which led the nation in its techniques of building athletes. Our entry into the Big 12 ruined our scheduling and made a conference that was 11-1 against Nebraska in most votes. On entering the B1G, we were given one of the toughest schedules in our history, with a young team. Add in significant injuries to both offensive and defensive lines, and you see where we are at. Pelini has done a good but not great job with an inexperienced staff. If told at any other time that we would defeat Ohio St., Penn St., and Michigan St. in the same year, most fans would be impressed. With all the roadblocks thrown in Nebraska's way, we may never again be able to dominate the way that we did in the 90's. However, I like the old saying " The North Wind made the Vikings!" Maybe all of these difficulties will make us into a dominating force in college football again & force the powers that be to find other ways to hold us back.
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