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  • Wyoming Game Review by Calvin Jones

    Nebraska 38 Wyoming 14

    7200 feet above sea level, doesn’t bother RB Rex Burkhead. Rex ran for 170yds and 2 TD’s, making it his 2nd consecutive game he has ran for 100yds. After Rex ran for a 45yd TD on our opening drive, I thought on offense we went away from the run too quick. We had some breakdowns up front and Wyoming’s defense came out ready to play. That should have been no surprise to us because we were ranked number 9 in the country and it was the 3rd largest crowd in War Memorial Stadium in the history of Wyoming’s program. We were 3-0 and so was Wyoming. Question, didn’t some guy name Bob Devaney coach there? Just kidding, Husker Nation. In the first quarter, our defense was on the field for 9 minutes and on offense we ran just 9 plays! Considering our defense was on the field for that length of time in the 1st quarter, we didn’t give up any points.

    In the 2nd quarter on offense we were able to put together an 8 play, 80yd drive in which WR Quincy Enunwa had a 30yd reception, Rex had a 22yd run and Martinez finished the drive off with an 8yd touchdown making it NU 14 Wyoming 0. Wyoming was able to get on the board when freshman QB Brett Smith found WR Mazi Ogbonna on a slant route and he was able to take it 48yds for the touchdown, making it NU 14 Wyoming 7. I was surprised for the 2nd week in a row by are secondary and how we still were having problems with some formations that they were running. Hopefully we will work on that this week and get it corrected. Our All American CB Alfonzo Dennard made his first start of the season, which was great to see, but sometimes when you haven’t played in a number of games it throws the chemistry off a bit when your starter gets healthy. K Brett Maher with 7secs left in the 2nd quarter attempted a 50yd FG. It was called no good, but it looked really close.

    In the 3rd quarter before we ran a play on offense we were on Wyoming's 35yd line. We returned the kickoff to our 45yd line, a personal foul by Wyoming CB De’Andre Jones and a offside by Wyoming. Rex finished the drive on an option play in which he went 16yds for his 2nd TD of the day. Wyoming’s next series was pretty unique in the sense they faked a punt at midfield, but LB Mathew May would have none of that. He stayed at home and made the tackle short of the first down. First play we run on offense after the stop was an option pass in which WR Kyler Reed made a great catch which took us down to the 6yd line. Wyoming was able to hold us out of the end zone but Maher made the field goal. NU 24, Wyoming 7.

    On Wyoming's next series QB Smith tried to find WR Ogbonna (who had beaten S P.J. Smith) again on a deep route, but Ogbonna dropped the ball. Our next series wasn’t pretty on offense. RB Abdullah fumbled the ball in which Wyoming recovered but the ball had been on the ground 3 times prior to that play. Towards the end of the 3rd quarter on offense we showed our wildcat formation which Rex was able to run effectively a couple times. We also saw the pistol diamond formation (Martinez, Rex, Green, Abdullah) in which 3 RB’s were in the backfield at one time. I was happy to see Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck getting some more of our weapons on offense involved. We will need it going forward.

    In the 4th quarter, redshirt freshman WR Kenny Bell made an 8yd catch for his first TD as a Husker, making it NU 31, Wyoming 7. Wyoming came right back at us when QB Smith hit WR Herron for a 10yd TD. LB Lavonte David blitzed and nearly got the sack but Smith was able to get rid of the ball. RB Braylon Heard finished off the scoring with a 1yd TD run, making the final NU 38 Wyoming 14.

    On offense we still need to find our identity, period. On defense, we need to have young guys make some plays and we can’t afford the mental breakdowns. The true test of what we are about comes this Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin! It should be interesting.

    Remember: Regardless of where we live, regardless of where we play, we are FOREVER A HUSKER!
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    1. Abdoo's Avatar
      Abdoo -
      Good stuff RG! I like it. I think it's better than uqotes, especially for those of us following the pokes so closely on your blog. One thing, would have been nice if you would have asked him a few questions about himself and how he feels he has progressed from last season and what he expects from himself coming into this one. Overall, great to see this!
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