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    by Published on 07-28-2015 06:21 PM  Number of Views: 1691 

    Halloween 1992 was one of those memorable days when everything went right for the Nebraska football team. A 52-7 beatdown of an eighth-rated Colorado team in the rain and fog of Memorial Stadium could be considered the ultimate in feel-good football for Husker fans riled up by two losses and a tie in the previous three games against the Buffaloes. Satisfying, no doubt, but certainly not one of the Cornhuskersí best performances of all time. In fact, it wasnít even Nebraskaís best performance against Colorado during the 1990s. Bill McCartney was making an awkward transition from the option to a pro-style passing attack, and the slightly overrated Buffs (who finished 9-2-1) were without an effective running game in 1992. In my view, to merit a best performance designation, Nebraska has to defeat a truly worthy opponent.

    What are the best regular-season performances by Nebraska football teams since the arrival of Bob Devaney? As you look through my list below, youíll find echoes of the memorable Nebraska-Oklahoma series that ran uninterrupted from 1928 through 1997 and forced the Huskers to step up their game. Youíll find only five nonconference games.

    Thereís so much material to choose from and so little space to use
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    The 2015 Nebraska Cornhusker alternate uniforms are out for their typical rounds of scorn, but let's be real here: if Adidas hadn't completely bombed with the 2014 alternates, we'd say these uniforms are pretty good.

    There's two things about these uniforms that say that Adidas and Nebraska are trying. One, they went back to
    by Published on 07-23-2015 09:50 AM  Number of Views: 4463 
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    Today is the day that some of us look forward to and others dread: alternate uniform reveal day. Nebraska will wear these October 24th against Northwestern.*

    *Apparently, Nebraska is telling Northwestern "we'll see your ugly black uniforms, and raise you one."

    Let's dive in, piece by piece.



    Like last year, the lid was easily the highlight of the ensemble. When a picture of the matte black helmet with the classic sans-serif "N" was released late Wednesday night, I was cautiously optimistic that I would like this year's uniforms.

    In my opinion, this helmet represents what a Nebraska alternate uniform should strive to be: different, yet recognizable. Trendy, yet classic. Without question, this is my favorite component of any Husker alternate to date.

    Could this be the year that I go from grudging acceptance to full-on love? Could adidas redeem their battered reputation with Husker fans with a grand slam design?

    Grade: A





    Goodness...where to even begin with this thing? Let's start with the pattern in the jersey. The adidas press release says "the jersey's padlock system secures tension over the shoulder pads, while the bodymap fit adheres to the player, making it difficult for opponents to grab, hold or tackle."

    Uh-huh. Sure. Bummer about not being able to tackle us Northwestern.

    You can call it whatever you want. I say it looks like tire treads, which when combined with the diagonal slits going through the numbers, makes it look like the uniforms were run over by a truck (Wisconsin fans, feel free to insert a Melvin Gordon joke here).

    Speaking of the numerals, they are rather reminiscent of the duct tape numbers from last year's jersey. Hopefully, the addition of the silver - sorry, "forged steel" - outline will make them easier to read from row 47. I'm not optimistic.

    One of my biggest criticisms of adidas is how they put all of their schools through a generic template and fail to do anything unique - even for a once-a-year special jersey. For the most part, that holds true: compare these to the new adidas uniforms for UCLA,
    by Published on 07-20-2015 02:44 AM  Number of Views: 8751 
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    The most frequent complaint about Bo Pelini's defensive scheme - other than its tendency the last few years of getting bulldozed by a strong running game - was its complexity. It was difficult to learn, thus it kept young, talented players on the sideline. Its complexity led to players thinking too much on the field instead of playing football, which led to players making mistakes, which led to players fearing making mistakes, which led ...
    by Published on 07-14-2015 04:01 PM     Number of Views: 7745 
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    So, Andy Staples of SI decided to send Nebraskans into fits by suggesting Nebraska should return to the option offense. While I respect some of his points, I don't think Nebraska should return Osborne's signature offense, or even Navy's offense. ...
    by Published on 07-13-2015 01:01 AM  Number of Views: 11491 
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    Ever since Mike Riley was named Nebraska's head coach, there has been constant speculation and discussion about what his offense might look like in Lincoln. Spring practices did more than heighten the intrigue of fans, they helped to start the process of morphing the offense into what Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf envision for the future. By the ...
    by Published on 07-08-2015 03:31 PM     Number of Views: 842 

    Our nation just celebrated two important holidays: The Fourth of July and Memorial Day. Both honor our country's military heroes for the sacrifices they have made for our great country

    And here's another chance for Husker fans to show their appreciation by playing in the Second Annual Husker ...
    by Published on 07-05-2015 06:11 PM     Number of Views: 6703 

    For Mike Riley in 2015, itís not about how fast his first Nebraska team starts. Itís all about how well the Cornhuskers finish.

    I have relatively low expectations for the Nebraska offense in the first half of the season. I think it will take some time ...
    by Published on 06-29-2015 10:33 PM     Number of Views: 11995 
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    As a Nebraska football fan, I dread the months of July, and August. Not because those months are painfully slow for news, the season feels light years away, or I'm already tired of predicting the team's record for the upcoming season.

    I dread this time of year because I know that any day now the new Husker football alternative uniform will be released. If we've learned anything over the first three years of the "Unrivaled" series of alternate unis, it's that they are routinely bad, mediocre at best, and downright awful at worst.

    Of course, this is also the time of year where I start to get my hopes up and think "maybe this is the year that adidas knocks it out of the park and creates some spectacular." Surely, the three stripe folks - having recently lost Notre Dame and Tennessee, and reportedly being on the ropes with Michigan - will bring out their "a" game. Right?

    Um....about that....

    * * *

    A post on entitled "Adidas: Sports Apparel Laughingstock" *chronicles a laundry list of screw ups and failings by adidas.

    *As ...
    by Published on 06-29-2015 08:07 AM   
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    Say what you want about Bo Pelini's failures to recruit the state of Nebraska, he got most of the Nebraska prospects he seriously offered. In his first full year of recruiting, Mike Riley could lose the top two prospects in the state, and losing Jared Bubak does matter for Riley. ...

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